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12 Chinese Zodiac Signs -

Find your Chinese animal sign and compatible Chinese zodiac signs. Learn about the 12 Chinese zodiac signs; character descriptions, lucky numbers, celebrities, and marriage compatibility.

An Islamic Forum covering a wide range of topics and issues related to Islam. -

Islam is a faith followed by 1/5 of the world's people. Learn more about Islam, Muslims, and their beliefs and practices here. A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam & Muslims. This Islamic guide is simple to read and informative. -

Visit this website to learn about the various concepts of Indian astrology and also to book your horoscope reading with astrologer Himanshu Shangari through this website.

Christian Bible Study and Doctrines -

Christianz info is the free bible information website where you can find some questions and answers regarding one’s faith and true doctrines of Christians. You can also listen to some praise songs play list with lyrics.

Church video -

Christian images, Christian videos, worship backgrounds, church video countdowns - Christian resources relevant to your message from Eleven72.

Healing -

An Internet cathedral for Online Prayer Request, Immediate live prayer, Prayer on demand, Healing, Addiction, Finances where the doors never close and you can come just as you are.

Official Lantern Magazine's Blog | -

The Lantern Blog is part of the magazine. Comments and questions answered by the Editorial Team and Parish Priest.  It is reported back on the blog site. It is a valuable point of contact for both the team and anyone who maybe enquiring about us. 

Pentecostal Religion, Beliefs, and Doctrines -

Pentecostal Bible studies and free sermons cover significant topics from the fastest-growing segment of worldwide Christianity.

Psychics, Dream Interpretation, Free Horoscopes, and Tarot Card Reading -

World-renowned online psychic reading. Accurate, truthful and well detailed psychic reading, dream interpretation, horoscopes and more. Let our live psychics guide you in matters of love, relationship, health, career, success, happiness and every aspect of life.

Shamanism & Magick Talismans -

Occult empowerments with easy to use seed initiation. High quality talismans that really do work. Customized, Prepared and Empowered to specifically help you in the ways you desire.

St Christopher’s Parish Centre, Blackpool, UK -

St Christopher’s Parish Centre is designed and planned to be a community centre providing good quality facilities for the area. It is a very modern, up to date building offering many activities, stage shows, dancing, exhibitions and conferences. It is available at very reasonable cost.

St Christopher’s Parish Centre, Blackpool, United Kingdom -

The Anglican Parish Church of St Christopher Blackpool is firmly within the Anglo-Catholic traditions of the Church of England under the guidance of its charismatic Parish Priest, Fr Graham Piper. Numbers at Mass are very healthy and we are very much a growing and outward looking church.The people of St Christopher have a very  welcoming attitude to visitors and people enquiring about the Christian Faith.

The Lantern Magazine is the official magazine of the Parish of St Christopher &St Nicholas Blackpool -

St Christopher’s church falls firmly within the anglo-catholic tradition of the Church of England. The magazine is a combination teaching of the faith, articles on nostalgia, humour and local events too. It has a modern up to date approach.